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[Pinned] Signature size limit

I suppose these forums have no signature size limits... Please keep your signatures in small size. Large signatures stretch your posts and may slow down the loading speed of pages for those with slow connections (lol). Maximum sizes should be kept...
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Is anyone still alive? Sam, Clawd, Tim, Nick, Luke????
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If any of your members are interested in raiding this week please let me know.
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Hipster Post

I was in internecion before it was cool. JK. It was never cool. Just dug this up on one of my old hard drives thought i'd share. Enjoy!(im the awesome druid in cenarion spaulders.)
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D3 part

As I see we have d3 vent channel and couple ppl playing d3 in Internecion clan, how about having d3 thread for posting builds, mb some guild rans for t6, grift, hellfire ring/amulet farm. I know its not an issue while we progress and have alot of ...
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Power Rangers Reboot!

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Whats your favourite WoD boss

Since we've been doing them alot there should be some of your favourite. It would be nice to do some speed run as a guild on the most liked boss and make a signature video with it, but so far just raw statistics
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Bored at work, Found the Internecion website

Whats up Internecion, not sure if any of you remember me. Was bored at work and decided to google some wow stuff and thought about you guys. Me, Billbones, and Jimmybones are all still chillin together in RL =). Hows Mists of Kung Fu Panda is it a...
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Just wanted to say hello

That is all!
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Hey guys!

Hey Internecion!I play Hearthstone and would love for anyone to add me on BNet, so's we can chat. It has been a long time, but I still love you, and if you don't know me, I'll be happy to friend ya anyways!Storm, Dadio, CD, Mako... you guys rock ...
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Talking about a Merger

Hi.I'm Tanned and the GM of Vindicatum (14/14H) on US-Icecrown/Malygos. We're looking for an excellent 10-man guild to merge with us for Mythic. I'd like to talk to some of your officers sometime soon.Below this I've included the post from Vindi's...
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how to check status of application

Hey i am pretty sure i applied to you guys some time last week....can't remember if i did for sure though. Is there any way to check the status of a application outside of psting you in game? thanks a bunch
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Pryda's BiS list for Destruction

Making this for a friend so he I don't have to link him every single thing.Updated to the September 25th hotfixes.4piece is now the way to go since I am Destruction. 4piece is also really big as far as upgrades go.I do need to pick up a second tie...
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LFM Neverwinter Online

Thought I would post this in the general section so more could see it.<Zombie Teddy Bears> [Dragon]Looking for any players interested in end game content and willing to push themselves and others to accomplish goals that some might seem unre...
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Why you always recruiting the classes that I am not =(<3 Myrddral
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Hi there guys would you happen to be running cm I m 8/9 gold just missing SSB, i m willing to help with the other once if you want, but i really would like to get my last one, is there any way that we can do that?
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Krasarang WildsValley of The Four WindsThe Jade ForestI'm going to be running the valley of the four winds path around The Heartland.I expect atleast 2hrs of mining from you guys for 50k.Let me know if you have any questions.
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Zelda: Skyward Sword
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